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Tips For A Clear Fax


Remember whatever you see in your picture will also show up on your fax. 


The quality of your fax depends on you. If the picture you take of your document to fax is not clear your fax won't be. Please avoid uploading pictures that are blurry, and that are taken at a slant.



Be sure to take the picture head on, and in a well lit area. Avoid using flash as it can blur out words on your document. Make sure all words are readable, and visible. 


Keep in mind that when you take a picture whatever objects that are around your document will show up in your faxed document to the recipient. Be sure not to take the picture while holding the document. You only want the document showing.


If your recipient receives your fax and it is blurry, and not readable. Please check the quality of the picture you took of your document. 

If you have any questions about your fax, or need assistance feel free to contact us through our contact form.


Thank You for choosing Safe Fax 

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